Annual program

Program dates: from September 2024 to May 2025

Group: up to 18 people

Course level: В2/С1

ASSISTANCE program for €0 instead of €2500

from 5300 €

FOUNDATION: Czech Preparatory course

Why is the Czech Republic a great option?


According to the Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic is one of the safest countries in the world and ranks 7th place in the list.

Free education

In the Czech Republic, there is an opportunity to get a free education – if you know Czech at B2 and enter a public university for a program in Czech.

Similar language and mentality

The Czech language belongs to the group of Slavic languages, so native speakers of Russian can easily learn it from scratch to level B2 in a year.

Prestigious diploma

A Czech University diploma is not only a symbol of education, but also a sign of prestige. It opens doors to better career opportunities.

Employment opportunities in Europe

A Czech diploma provides an opportunity to find employment in the local market on an equal basis with Czech citizens. Nostrification is required for employment in other EU countries.

0 %
of international students study in the Czech Republic for free

Where can you enter after the completion of the FOUNDATION program from Best School?

After completing the program, you can enter absolutely any of 204 Czech universities.

Our graduates study at the following prestigious universities in the Czech Republic:

  • Charles University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Czech Republic and Europe. With over 660 years of history, it is a centre of academic excellence and cultural heritage. Charles University offers a wide range of educational programs and has an outstanding reputation for research.
  • Higher School of Economics is one of the leading economic educational institutions in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. It has a rich history dating back to 1919 and is recognized as one of the important centres of economic education and research.
  • The Czech Technical University in Prague is the oldest technical university in Central Europe, founded in 1707 by the Emperor of Austria. Among the university’s graduates there are many famous European scientists, such as Christian Doppler and Vladimir Prelogi.

Who is the FOUNDATION program suitable for?

For school graduates who want to study in Europe for free

For those who have already completed their bachelor’s degree and would like to continue their master’s degree in Europe free of charge

For citizens of Ukraine who have a temporary protection visa in the Czech Republic and want to study Czech to study at university

For young people with secondary specialized education who want to move to the Czech Republic and stay here

Our classes

Preparation according to fields

In addition to language training, our courses also offer specialized training in specialized subjects depending on the chosen field.

from 0 to В2

economic and technical field
  • 640 hours of Czech offline
  • 64 hours of English
  • 150 hours of specialized training
  • groups up to 18 people
  • visa support
  • annual curatorial support
  • trips around the Czech Republic and Europe
  • ASSISTANCE program for €0 instead of €2500
  • 120 hours of Czech online

from 0 to C1

medical, art and humanitarian field
  • 640 hours of Czech offline
  • 64 hours of English
  • 150 hours of specialized training
  • groups up to 18 people
  • visa support
  • annual curatorial support
  • trips around the Czech Republic and Europe
  • ASSISTANCE program for €0 instead of €2500
  • 120 hours of Czech online

Feedback from our students and their parents

Video feedback from a FOUNDATION program graduate

Dasha studied in the FOUNDATION program in the Czech language in the 2021/22 academic year. Now she has successfully completed the first year at VŠCHT (Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze) majoring in Economics and Management

She learned Czech to level B2 in just one year, so she is now studying at a public university completely free of charge!

Also, from her first year at university, she started working part-time, so now she lives independently and provides for herself.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Yes, the confirmation from our courses is suitable for the military commissariat and gives a deferral from the army for the duration of training.

Studying on courses is equivalent to studying at a university and gives the right to officially work a certain number of hours per year. If you manage to combine attending classes, doing homework and working part-time, then it’s ok.

This question worries most of our preparatory course students. Throughout the year, we conduct a number of presentations of various specialties, invite our graduate students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of universities and provide a lot of useful information about existing directions and specialties. Universities also hold open days, where you can get answers to your questions directly from representatives and students of universities. If after this there remains uncertainty and insecurity, you can take our Career Test and receive analysis and recommendations in areas taking into account your individual abilities and predispositions.

It is ideal to apply for the course in September as you enter your final year of school or college. It takes about a year to quickly apply for a Czech student visa and prepare for the trip, so that by the time of your final exams you already have a visa and a clear action plan. The application deadline for the annual foundation differs depending on the country.

We have 100% of graduates, because even if you didn’t manage to pass the entrance exam on the first try, then in the summer there are second rounds in many public universities, and you can also apply to most private universities until the end of August. All summer we provide individual consultations for everyone.

Объем курса:

  1. Чешский язык для иностранцев (0 — B2)* —  640 часов
  2. Английский язык (B1 – B2) — 64 часа
  3. Профильная подготовка —  150 часов

 *для студентов, имеющих сертификат от Best School по чешскому языку на уровне А1 или А2, обучение по программе будет начинаться с соответствующего уровня и курс закончится на уровне В2+ или С1.

Тестирование и выдача сертификатов будет проходить непосредственно перед началом курса. Участники программы будут информированы дополнительно.

Специализированные предметы для подготовки к поступлению в ВУЗ:

1.Экономическое направление:  Экономика, предпринимательство, финансы и бухучет, статистика и т.д.

Математика120 часов
Английский язык для экономистов30 часа


2. Техническое направление: Информатика, машиностроение, транспорт, электротехника и т.д.

Математика120 часов
Физика30 часов


Если вы хотите поступать в Чехию на медицинскую, творческую или гуманитарную специальность, то вам стоит рассмотреть наш расширенный курс подготовки.


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