Apartment-style campus “Fabrika Apartments”

The completely new campus “Fabrika Apartments” opened in 2019 is premium class accommodation. Apartment 1+kb (room with kitchen and bathroom) for two persons will create a feeling of home comfort. The campus is located in a quiet area of Prague 5, Smichov. The one-room apartments have new furniture, equipped with modern appliances; the building was completely renovated in 2019.

Every room for two persons has:

  • modern furniture
  • refrigerator 
  • electric kettle 
  • electric stove 
  • Internet


There is a laundry room with dryers on the ground floor.
The advantage of this type of accommodation is that it combines the comfort of an apartment and the rules of campus accommodation. The rooms are inspected and cleaned once a month. The day and time are always agreed upon with the student. The building has a reception desk.
The entrance to the building and each floor is under camera surveillance.

The cost of accommodation is fixed and does not depend on the amount of water, electricity and heating consumption (unlike an apartment, where recalculation is made once a year and the client is faced with additional payments for utilities).

Location of campus:
– 15 minutes to school by public transport with one change (30 minutes on foot);
– 6 minutes to the nearest shopping centre by bus (Novy Smichov SC);
– 16 minutes to Wenceslas Square with one change.

Cost of accommodation (bed in a double room) is 400 euros/month

Amount of the deposit (refunded) is 640 euros


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